Monday the 7th of December, 2009

Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:

15 Double-unders
25 Butterfly Sit-ups
5 single arm KB/DB swings per side-10 total

Post rounds completed to comments.

We will be continuing the Russian's Gymnastic Warmup this week.
If you do not have a printed copy of it yet, ask. We will be figuring out your level and scaling accordingly. Remember, this warm up is for skill, not time. Each movement is to be done as close to perfect as possible.
Of interest:


dibo said...

sunday 20 min amrap

15 du's
15 ghd's
15 back ext.

9 rounds 20:01 min

min max push ups 36,,,,,spent

DM said...


3x5 185 squat clean
3x3 2 pood kb snatch per arm
2x5 2 pood kb swing per arm
2 95# 1 arm barbell snatch

Wess said...


One-handed Fran with 60lb db-
right/left handed thrusters and right/left handed one arm pull ups.


20:49- the thrusters were tough

Jason said...

8 rounds

Adam said...

Sunday - 5 mile fartlek stroller run, 170 HR ceiling. 100 pushups, 100 abmat situps

Monday: 10 rounds + 2 dubs. 1 1/2 pood kb.
Bring your vaseline.

K-Roc said...

Whats the use of Vaseline for?

DM said...

For your eyes only.

Jason said...

i'm not nearly mature enough to use the word vaseline in a sentence (let alone own any)

Wess said...


Inclined Bench Press/Hang PowerCleans- alternating between the two


DoubleUnder practice..

K-Onfused said...

You put it on your eyes?

DM said...

wess-your pecs are gonna be swoll bro! cut the chest out of your shirts...
wait, what shirts?!?!?


1 arm push up-9 each side

135# power snatch/1 OHS
2 muscle ups
135# power snatch/5 OHS
5 muscle ups
135# power snatch/10 OHS
205# power clean and jerk
215# power clean and jerk
135# power snatch/10 OHS
135# power snatch/10 OHS

Yamakoa said...

Some gymnastics skills/practice

Snatch - worked ala Dan John. Slow 1st pull when 2" above knee jump and stick. All snatches were done in said manner plus 1 OHS for every snatch.


OHS work

Yamakoa said...

12 rounds even. Need to tighten up standards on sit ups. 75% of sit ups were done touching tip of toes instead of in front of toes.

K2 - subbed kb swings for 5 DH pull ups
9 rounds + 15 dubs + 1 sit up

K-Onfused: close. Drop the plural.

dibo said...

750m row (damper 10)
15 one arm d.b. swings each arm#40
25 abmat situps
300m run

4xrounds about 28 min.

Chris G said...

10 rounds + 15 du's (60# dumbell)

Slim Biscayne said...

tuck jumps
60# db

5 rounds plus 15 tuck jumps, 25 butterflies, 5 swings

Joseph said...

1.5 pood - American Swing.

9 + double under + sit ups.