Thursday the 24th of December, 2009

Old school weezy


rene said...

December 23 -
Merry Christmas, Love Satan...
5 Rounds for time
15 Thrusters @ 95# (135# Rx)
400m Run
TIME: 29:48

Joseph said...

5 rounds not for time
hspu x3
pistols x3/leg
1.5 pood KB swing x10

30 seconds interval rowing x5
147, 149, 149, 147, 142

25 GHD sit ups
50 abmat situps

Joseph said...

Great 7 AM class this morning. Majority women in the gym shifted the energy in a good way. Welcome to Terale and Grant good job on the first time tabatas. To all the ladies, you killed it.

Jason said...

800m intervals - 2:53, 3:03
still feeling burnt out so skipped last 2 rounds

1min max pushups 54
1min max situps 28

DM said...

Front Squat
135x10, 205x2, 135x10, 205x1, 135x10
Snatch Balance
Row 250m x2
42.7, 45.2

Ready for grassfed tenderloin.

Going out to shovel snow and enjoy the weather.
Welcome to the new guys...great to have you!

Wess said...

Tabata WOD-

Squats-144,Burpees-58,subbed Pullups for KBS-64,Sprints-?


Slim Biscayne said...

tabata squats

15,16,16,16,16,16,15,14 - 124