Wednesday the 23rd of December, 2009


Back squat- build up to 1rm
shoulder press-build up to a 1rm
Deadlift- build up to 1rm

Of interest:


DM said...

WESTWOOD Fitness Center, Waukesha, WI
Burgerner warmup with 45#bar
light snatch/OHS work
250# DL x5 on the minute, 10 minutes
135#split jerkx5
5 x 30sec on/30 sec off C2 rower
damper setting 7.5

DS said...

man i was going to come but i changed my mind last minute. super extra long weekend for me. happy holidays guys.

Wess said...
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Wess said...

4 rounds of Incline BenchPress,Dumbell Flys,DH Pullups/ NFT

finisher- 40 flights of stairs- about 6 min..definitely liked the stairs, real burner..

Jason said...

Globo gym in Jackson, MS.

335x5,3 (grip slipped),5,4
didn't feel recovered from 5x5 squats on Sunday. Need to separate heavy squats and deadlifts by a week.

K-Roc said...

R.A.W. Training Pittsburgh

Annie: 250/50/200/40/150/30/100/20/50/10
Nice WOD, First timer.

AMRAP 20:00:
400m Row
90lb KB Thrusters x 15
Treadmills x 20
Skinners x 15
Pullups x 10 - "Chest to Bar for our Military folks!" - Amy Butteri

Nice Shock to the system before the feasting begins! Happy Holidays!