Saturday the 2nd of January, 2009

Stairway to heaven?

****Homework assignment WOD****

Today is the day to bring in the WOD that you designed. We will be voting to see which one will become the workout for the day.

11am Running
12pm Olympic Lifting
1pm WOD


adam said...

Can't make today's class. enjoy and Happy New Year.

20 minute AMRAP (95#)

5 thrusters

iron plates. could not drop bar and grip was gone early. 8 rds plus 9th set - 9 thrusters / 9 pullups

100 pushups / 100 squats

Adam said...

CF 305, I propose a New Years Challenge:

100 Post WOD pushups every day until Valentines Day. Break up however you want (40 in the morning, 40 at night, 20 under your desk at work, whatever..)Pushups during WOD will count towards the 100. You are allowed one day off per week from the pushups.

Who is up for the challenge?

Joseph said...

i am down...will start tomorrow.

great team workout today. A lot of fun, builds good relationships and great format for going all out on different movements.

K-Roc said...

"Beware of the Sexy METCON"

Jason said...

I'm in for the 100 pushup challenge.

2 hours after the OL class and wod:
power clean 5x5 - 135,185,195,205,215(3)
box squat 3x5 - 225,245,255
db bench 3x5 - 85,90,95(7)

DM said...

Slow fartlek run NFT w/ 10 accelerations.

yes to 100 push ups/squats

Don't do them tomorrow.
Rest 100% tomorrow.
I want rested ready bodies Monday.

Sexy MetCon indeed, needed every once in a while...and team workouts do build relationships/friendships as well as create a fun competitive atmosphere. Wait for The January.

DS said...

im down for the 100

dibo said...

how bout 100 bicep curls a day?

Slim Biscayne said...

pushups - I'm in

curls +1

Yamakoa said...

Greetings from the left coast.
Push Ups - I'm down
Curls - hell yeah. If we can't be these crossfit metcon-artist, might as well look better than them.

Got to run (of course in my totally eco-friendly bio degradable hemp sandals), tofu is burning.

kimberly said...

Random OHS 3's
Then a DL Frienzy post class.

315- 3 every minute on the minute for 10 minutes- up and down (30)
275- 1 every 10 seconds for 4 minutes - up only (24)
225- 1 every 5 seconds for 1 minute- hold in set position ( 12)

Weighted back extensions 10lb 3x10

Im starting today with the 100 challenge
today..........for time