Got my swole on today.
Practiced squat cleans which I am horrible at.
Practiced strict ring dips and ring L sits
Did 3x5 strict chins and 3x5 strict pull ups with slow descent

3x10 DB bench 45/65/65
3x8 bicep curls 35/40/40
50 reps bench crunches

Getting ripped for the beach.
Oh shit, I forgot to get my protein in before my anabolic window closed.
Time for another set and 52 grams of whey/casien blend.
Quick get in the publix protein! Once again Stan you have outdone yourself with the often funny/corny workout videos. You are hillarious. Real white boy from Wisconsin is from the hood. For real. There is still a place for bicep curls in a workout isnt there? -Panos
Rest Day for me. Doing a long one tomorrow and Sunday for cetrain.

Later, Tabata!
Push Up-76
Sit Ups-84
26" Box Jumps-78
378 total.
More good conditioning.

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