Wanted to quit from the first rep of power snatch. Feeling weak from the day before of snatch and power clean ladder. Its funny how you find a way to keep going under stressful conditions. In my mind I just kept thinking one at a time and get back to the bar...and DONT REDLINE!
Managed to push harder on the burpee round. Coasted throught the first 4-5 rounds of the burpee amrap at :44 seconds/ round. That left some time for rest-if you want to call 5 seconds rest cause I started the next rounds at about :50. The last 2 rounds I busted out the burpees with gas which helped me crack 7 rounds. Box jumps where cake as where the lunges, just got through them. The thrusters and pull-ups left me toasted, went to that last second doing each unbroken. 1 minute was barely enough time to recover but knowing that I only had to do 1 run was an easy pill to swallow. Pushed through to the very end. Those row/run combos we did early in the week helped me get through that with a push. Good one DM.

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