Split Jerk- worked up to max
300-fuck it went for it. Failed 3 times but got under it on the last 2 efforts almost bringing my feet together on the second attempt. Its mine. I could feel it. Dolce!

Watch it on youtube

WOD (with DM, Ken Gal, Jonas)

"The 305"
5 rounds
3 muscle ups
4 deadlifts 305lbs
500 meter run

25 hspu's (regional standard)immediately after

16:08 Rx

Went out real hard. Wanted to get to the HSPU's first to ensure victory. I was on path to do so but had a mental fart missing the 5th round by going to the HSPU's prematurely. Had to come off the wall 4 HSPU's into it to finish the 5th round. Our fan club was no help, sitting on the sidelines allowing me to veer off track. Even still I had a chance but ran a bit too hard on the 4th to get in to the bldg quicker thinking it was in the bag. I have to remember to focus more when im fatigued. This happens to me when im trail riding. I miss routes and get lost. Thats usually when I stop for the day as that sometimes can lead to injuries. Its always been my problem. I put my head down and try to barrel through a task sometime forgetting the details.
It was a good lesson to learn in the house. All in all it was a good day. Cant complain about much.

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