5 rounds
3 ring muscle ups
4 deadlifts
500 meter run

deadlifts 275/275/225/225/225
Went light as this was my 6th day on in a row and 1st week really back at training.
Used the new CF 305 Grip Gloves for the muscle ups for the first time. Worked awesome. Usually I slip all over the place on sweaty long metcons. Not this time! These things freakin' work.
We WODed with Ken Gall from Atalnta (8th at Regionals, winner of the Iron Curtain last year). Good to work out with people that push. He and Pete finished with 25 HSPU, Jonas from NMB and I skipped those. With the deloaded deads I was able to push the pace for the heavier lifters on the last run. Good, tough WOD.

And now, a haiku...

For time muscle ups
Deloaded deadlifts went quick
Run around the block

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