"4 Play"

In 1o minutes complete Fran
Max Snatch with remaining time
Rest 5 minutes
12-9-6 of 135 lb Thrusters/ C2B pull-ups
2K row immediately after

Fran= 3:10
Max Snatch= 165lbs
Thruster/ C2B= 4:29
2K row= 8:18

Fran felt good. A little disappointed with the result. Hands may have been a factor since my right palm was opened up do to callous tear. Taped and used new-grip pad but that proved minimally effective cause they slipped of on the round of 15 and taped bunched up causing a new tear. Great! Anyhow. Got out of it not too gassed. Left a little to spare going into the snatch.
My snatches went as follows:
135, 155(x),(x),155, 165, 185(x)
Interesting trying to do a highly technical movement under extreme muscle fatigue. Grip and quads where taxed. It made the whole experience so much more stimulating. The only way to recreate that is to revisit that by doing do Fran to start your set. Not a great idea in general but I was glad to do it and would do it again.
The second couplet was brutal. The thought of moving through 135lb thrusters was a daunting task. Getting through the first set unbroken took all of my mental and physical strength which made the C2B's suck bad. I closed my eyes for most of it and wished it was over. The rep scheme chosen helped me to wrap my head around it and get through it.
Finishing with a 2 K was the icing on the cake. At the time I was thinking that I would so much rather be running. Really peter? In this case the answer is yes. The thought of a long row made me want to quit. Interestingly enough that was the only time that thought had entered my mind.

After regionals I realized my short recovery needed work. That along with diet was something that I wanted to test with this format. The rest of the day went well. I did not feel to wasted.
I would love some company for part 2 "Fuck That!" Anybody interested?


Power clean
fail on all but the second 225.

pull was up to chest, slow elbows.


Row 1000 meters
15 muscle ups
5 rope climbs
Run 1000 meters
10 muscle ups
5 rope climbs
200 double unders
5 muscle ups
5 rope climbs

Muscle Ups

Rope-shorter pulls, more legs, worked well

Had to stop on the run to pick a thorn out of my foot, a good 30 seconds plus.
Goal was sub 27.
Felt good til last 2 rope climbs, then it was near puke as expected.
Grip gloves work like gold.. Use 'em or get left behind.

GHD sit ups, tabata
71 reps

Feeling good. No booze 10 days. Diet pretty tight.

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