10.2, 10.3, 10.4/10


Rest day


10 C2B pull-ups
20 DB snatch 35lbs
1:1 work:rest

rounds where hard and fast. went with a jerk type movement which may be the way i go late in the amrap. 55lbs is going to get heavy if im trying to muscle snatch it fast.
always have a few options for your movements in order to deal with fatigue and keep moving.


10 ohs 135lbs
10 box jumps
20 dubs
4 rounds

1:1-all rounds where sub 1 minute. my idea is to break 5 minutes on this one. slow and steady on the ohs'. snatching the first rep.

looking forward to getting some competition in my blood. its been a while since regionals and my hunger has grown. my body feels rested and im looking forward to getting out there with some of the usual suspects. it should be hairy. wish me luck people.

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