Push Press 5-3-1 (75-85-95)
200 (+1)

left some in the tank. felt good otherwise.

Iron Curtain WOD 4
10 OHS 135lbs
10 Box jumps
20 dubs
5 rounds

did it all the way through. a little bit off of my target time but then again i usually set ridiculous goals for myself. i will do it faster the day of. something about being in front of people brings out another gear in me. it went all unbroken is all i will say for now. quads are going to hurt by the time we get to it on the day of, which may make it way more interesting. will need to focus if i want to keep the OHS' unbroken that day.
i am really looking forward to this weekend. my training has been going very well and i continue to make gains. work is going great as well. despite new competition i am confident that the product i put out will deliver the goods. it has to because nobody has more passion for what he does, in bringing out the best in people and in changing lives than myself. I'm ready for anything and planning for more around the corner. i never thought i would ever feel this way about life in general. things are good. I'm going into this weekend ready to throw it down. i am not going to pull ANY punches. my goal is to leave it all out there and have fun.

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