11/14 and 15

strict muscle up ladder
front squat 155x10, 175x10, 195x10
wad: 12 c2b pullups/300m run/amrap 45lb plate squat on a 4 min clock, 1 min rest between each of 3 rounds.
63-51-51 for a 165 total.

did all the squats unbroken so i gotta be happy about that. runs got interesting.

pm: emom 2 strict muscle ups made it through 5 minutes? pretty sure
kroc rows 3x10@80

4x400m sprints on 5 min clock then 4x200 on a 2.5 min clock. 76,77,78,80, 34,36,35,33
push press: 135x5,155x3,185,205,225f,225PR smoked this weight it felt great.

PM: 2 hspu emom for 10 min with 25 plate deficit. made it all 10 min 9 rounds unbroken had to break up the 10th round.

abz stuff with alex

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