OHS 135x3,165,195,225,255f,255PR,275fx2
probably shouldn't have gone after 275 but looking forward to being able to jerk that.

push press worked up some heavy singles 245fx2, 4x1@215

"TNT" 62 reps on amrap 30 thruster, 21 power clean, 11 push press


10 min amrap
15 plate GTOH
10 lateral jumps
5 burpees
then 3x30 second burpee intervals 9/10/11

big day today felt great. didn't have to worry too much about the back and started hitting it full throttle again. wanted to get a good number of thrusters on the first wod although i think the money can be made on the power cleans and push presses. still not happy with my muscle ups when my heart rate is jacked, need to start working on those gassed out. sandbagged the timed portion thinking that if i didn't i wouldn't be able to make it through the muscle ups. gotta work on that mental side too.

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