Clean and Jerk 1xEMOM
95+10lbs up to 185
Shit donht feel like it used to. HOWEVER zero pain for "el Mano"

Back squat 3x3 (Low bar)

31 thrusters
20 Power cleans
10 push press

Whatever. my chest to bars are weak as to be expected. Was doing 1 and 2 once I got tired. Speaking of which my running sucked ass. I tried the muscle up. Not having that pinky engaged fucks up the false grip a bit. What a buzz kill. Yesterday I did 4 muscle-ups in a row. So far off from where I was. Talk about knocked off your horse. All the more reason to get more motivated. Adam also basically called me fat. Shit I need help. Human body dont let me down now. Its not like I have any aspirations of going to Cali. i just want to feel normal again. Primary focus is pulling gymnastics strength.

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