12/13 tuesday

Row sprints 30 sec on 30 sec rest x 10 intervals
goal pace was 1:35, rowed 1574 meters

"wood" 5rft 400m run/10 bbj/10 SDHP/10 thruster @95 lbs/1 min rest
19:16 with rest subtracted.
I was pretty much delirious by the 3rd round. This just seemed to sap my energy really bad.

max pullup 35x3,45x2,70,90,105,125PR
nice little 12# PR here, and have more in the tank (thanks bicep curls).

37 minute low intensity assistance amrap or LIAAMRAP:
4 hspu/6 bicep curls each arm 45#/25 flutter kicks

got about 8 rounds in here, arms pretty tired wished i had another 30 minutes to hit this.

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