"Nasty girls" (jump up to rings)
8:52 Rx
Did this on on July 4, 2009 and scored 8:57 (no jump to rings). I was telling Dan that I felt like I lost a year and its probably actually a little more. On a positive note I did the most amount of muscle ups unbroken to date since injury. 7 unbroken on the first round and finished that rd at 1:30! Pretty fast if I do say so myself. Also jumping up to rings adds at least a minute to the overall time. That wasnt an issue as I am way more comfortable doing that and maintaining my false grip. MUs feel pretty smooth. Just need to build the second and third sets when im tired. This is a fun WOD to burn through.

Comp team WOD 4
Snatch 115
Legs are toast. Planned on unbroken but WOW was I surprised. Lactic acid left over from Nasty girls in the am stopped me in my tracks. 150 air squats fried my legs a bit. Dumped it and picked it back up before it settled to stay on it. Pull-ups felt ok despite the am MUs. Anyway it was fun to hammer it out with Chaddy and some of the crew.

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