Max Handstand hold x 3
10 hollow rocks with each broken set

Muscle-up skillwork- bunch of jump to ring 1 and 2's

4 minutes
10 burpees at top of minute
max Muscleups
Fuck it my pinky stayed on the rings and i maintained the false grip. Yessssss! Muscle-ups muthafucka.

135 power snatch x 5
200 meter run
1,45,30,15, finish on lift. Descending rest periods
My technique was way off on the first set. Pulling too early made things much harder. Dropped reps to 5 after first and hit clean sets. No foot adjustment one I got warm. One thing I am realizing is that I need more warm up these days. All the shit in my head doesn't clear until I am completely warm.

10 x 2 pood KB swings EMOM x 10 min

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