Swimming WOD
1 round
100 meters/ 10 thrusters (40lbs)
4 rounds
50 meters/ 10 thrusters
slow at best. second swim session. Not sure im ready for full on WODs yet.

Power clean and jerk (popped off shoulders) 205x1,1,225x1,1,245x1,1
threw in no false grip muscle ups in between 1s and 2s and one set of 3!!!
Pull-up strength getting better. Trying to stay light so i could lift my fat ass up.

300 row
20-15-10-5 PP 135lbs
6:37? Not sure if i did 20 or 25 on the first set. Had chad count the rest of the workout.

35 chest to bar post WOD in 5's and the last set at 10.

2x 400 all out

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