Monday, Tues

Back Squat 5x5@255
100 calorie Airdyne 3:27-hard fast hit
5 minutes TGU 53# 14, alternating

4x400, max effort HSPU on 4 minutes
1:29/6, 1:24/7, 1:24/6, 1:26/6
Rest 15 minutes
Hang Power Clean 5x5 135/185/215/215/215x4 Pretty ugly.
Rest 3 minutes
21-15-9 RKBS/LKBS 53/toes to bar 7:30 Grip fried
Rest 7 hours
a. 4x8 weighted pull up @ 15#
b. Front squat from floor 135x5/185x4/195x3/200x3. Squat clean to start. Hams to calves each rep.
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes max muscle up, jump to rings-12 (5/4/2/1...may have been 5/4/3/1) Last rep was a non false grip fight.

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