When squatting goes bad?

Front Squat 45x10/135x5/185x3/225x1/255F/245F/235x1
Turrable, could not get 'pumped up'. Many reasons.
Perhaps, oh lets see....
Monday-Heavy backsquat, Tuesday heavy clean to front squat, Wednesday pistols, Thursday more front squat & light hang snatches, Friday 150+ air squat for speed, Saturday 5k run, Sunday wall ball/burpees. Oh well, amazingly 235 is still a PR.
Moral of the story-My legs are still weak as balls, but not as weak as last years balls. Wait...aren't balls supposed to be strong? I think I need to go squat again. At some point I will just start slamming hammers into my quads until they comply.
Zip it hippy.

Rest 4 hours

7 rounds
7 165# FS
7 C2B pull ups
Being trapped under a barbell with moderately heavy weight to squat for 45+ reps is one of my least favorite feelings. Last year I doubt I could have done this. Finished on pure will power. Last rep was literally the least rep there was to give. Pull ups were negligible at this pace.

3x15 Reverse Hyper, no weight.

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