Wtf, may as well hell

Deadlift 135x who cares, 225x whatever, 315x yep, 385x round back single.
Row 2k 7:17 1k 3:32 500 1:39 awful overtrained mess. Fuck it.
5 rounds nft 90# kb swing American cuz we do it big x5, 5 Kipling hspu wuudup new elite skill!
2x10 kipster headstand bush upz, 10 90# eleet swingz.
21 eleet swingz

I am an avid exerciser. I am still confused as to How I got here. Does anyone have a backwards map or a reference point to the trail of cheerios I left on the way in? Please?

Excuse me, sorry.

Awesome day of WODs. Super pumped, let's do it again tomorrow.

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