60 seconds of L-sit
5 strict Pullups after each broken round
35 total Pull ups
Set a 16" box for legs to float over. Working off of 16" paralettes. Let's put it this way, the legs where high up.

4 rounds, 1 minute rest after each
40 yd prowler (210lbs)
12 T2B (unbroken)
Broke 3rd rd. technique slip. Surface wasn't too hard to push on. After we where done I pushed the sled up the driveway and then Realized that's the surface that fucked shit up. Mental note for next time. Sled is a great addition to the garage.

For time
Step down box jumps
30 C2T situps
Step down slows things down a bit and makes it a little tougher. Sabrina took me on this one as expected. Cute little sunday finisher.

Good mornings
115,135,135x8 reps each
Butterfluff Pullups after each rd.

Done. Good Sunday primer.

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