500m farmers walk in the rain, 2 2 pood kettlebells.
unknown time but killed smarge!

60lb sandbag lunge
calorie row
burpees over rower
got killed by all the firebreathers. legs were so tired jumping over the rower was just destroying me.

185 squat clean thruster
strict c2b pullup
felt absolutely horrible, no energy just smashed up before this workout. i grinded it out but i wasn't even out of breath. its more embarrassing to show up on friday and put out a performance like that than anything else. i guess losing 5lbs in one week and then eating at 5am and doing this wod at like 2:30pm should teach me something about carb intake. or food intake in general.

"hang in there"
7:01 with dan.
this was really fun. lots of rain, didn't even tie my shoes. the most fun was stomping in the puddles and getting olivia all wet!

The day started out by Colin recaping Petes and Dans injury in the last year and then asking when it was my turn and pointing out that it was friday the 13th. i'm not superstitious but i was glad to get throug the day without aggravating the shoulder or the back.


Jess said...

this read like a short story. well done chaddy

Chad M/Butter/Freckle bear said...

lets high five

Slim Biscayne said...

I had a smores while reading this

Chad M/Butter/Freckle bear said...

did you roast the marshmallow on your stove?