work up to some doubles and singles HPC with 225. the doubles kind of strain my back to catch it so i think it is more efficient to just drop it and deadlift every time.

round of 21 on Diane. tried to kip the hspu from the start and this did not go too well.

one arm snatch the 100# db. this is going to get spicy!

2000m row/50 pistols/20 hpc

got up to 10 HPC can do more on game day. just gotta convince myself to put my hands on the bar. figured out a much more efficient pistol rhythm.

first couple of rounds of Diane. much faster. still dont know if i can get it done under 9 min.

2 rounds just to check it out: 20 back squats/20 pullups/10(15 the second time) shoulder to overhead. going to need to find a good pace on this the squats/ pullup combo definitely get the heart going. i think i can compete on this one. no movements slow me down, its just long and gas-ful.

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