push day

squat 5x10 125-165
deadlift 5x10 135
hspu 5x6

dips 5x10 bw,20,30,40,40
dumbell press 5x10, 30,35,40,40,40
row 2 intervals 50 strokes for calories, 53,54

ran the new dumbell rack with dan and old man bear. 10lbs up to 75 lbs 5 curls each arm. had to power curl the last couple, sick pump.

5x10 push press superset with 8 chest to bar chin ups
95,135,155x3. was a bitch to lock out that last push press. the last 3 C2Bs were more like neck to bar.

did not get a sweet pump off of this today. back was feeling great though. the 50 strokes on the rower was a good partner wod felt good to do some heavy breathing again. had to get at least some of the gin out of my system.

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