pull day

5x4 power snatch off of 2 blocks
this felt sweet to hit some good weights again. i would not have hit the last set without the straps

5x4 power clean and jerk off of 2 blocks
shoulder position is still variable. must continue to think about jerking up and back and squeezing the elbows together at the top.

reverse hyper 1x10@50,4x10@90#
super set with weighted chins 5x10@15 lbs

bicep curls and shrugs 5x10
BCs, 55,65,70,70x9,65
shrugs: 225,235,245,255,255

This was a good day. very sweaty but everything was feeling good. haven't even been challenged by the snatches yet. i would love to see what i could full snatch with the straps. should only be about...12 weeks away until i'm back to the floor.

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