Saturday the 6th of May, 2009


Get your run legs and your squat shortz out people!

400mtr run
50 air squats
4 rounds for time

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PANOS said...

11:27 Rx
squatz unbroken except for one stop for a second or two. That was a mental break.

my chest is friggin sore from the Bench!

10 GHD situp(GHDS)x3
10 Hip Extension(HE)x3

1minute FGB style row x 2 (24cal),(22cal)

Slim Biscayne said...

worked out at CrossFit South Brooklyn

Super nice folks - check in with Dave and his crew when you are up there next.

Back Squats

45# x 5
135# x 5
225# x 5

245, 265, 275, 285, 295

dead hang pull-ups
eight rounds of 2 with 60 seconds rest

needed a kip for last 1 of last two rounds

DS said...

YO I WAS loking at their facilities dom, thats the really big space right?

Slim Biscayne said...

@DS - yeah man its in an old public bath.

2fit2cross said...

30 bw bench
row 500 meters - 1:51
20 bw bench
row 1000 meters - 4:14
10 bw bench
row 2000 meters 8:40

39: something. Could have used a spot the whole way through. The rowing was rough.

PRothNJ said...

Active Rest:
10 mile drive to Car Dealership to fix random electrical malfunctioning acquired during the little haiti flash flood of 2009. German engineering did withsood the brunt of it

PRothNJ said...

*withstand, I was an english major

DM said...

11:30 Rx, extra run added on at the end for 'fun'-12:50.
2 x FGB row-29, 26 kcal
4 x wall handsand @ 30-25 seconds.

Yamakoa said...

Rx'd 11:50

Rx'd 13:31

MU practice afterward