Wednesday the 3rd of June, 2009



Deadlift 225 lbs.

Handstand Push-ups (HSPUs)

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Notes, tools, articles and ephemera:
  • CrossFit last chance qualifier for the games in Aromas results.
  • Paleo focaccia recipe book. (includes carrot cake)
  • Planche push-up progression video.
  • Developing a muscle-up part 3 with Rob Miller from the CrossFit main site.


Jason said...

Awesome workout today

2fit2cross said...

awesome work out. first one with handstand push ups all the way through (without the abmat).
19: and change (54 i think). The deadlift felt way better than during the comp.

dibo said...

200 du's

30 box hops 20-24"
walking lunges 45 steps
800 m run

3 rounds 26:24

P. Scott Cunningham said...

23 min and change at 155lbs. 12 hspu with 2 ab mats, the rest off the box.

The blood vessels above my eyes burst.

PANOS said...

100' lunges 30#
30 box jumps 24"
20 pull ups 30#
4 rounds
31:14 Rx

head stand-pressout
handstand practice

Yamakoa said...

Rx'd 15:23 Need to work on HSPU.

K2 135 dl/ Hi Box sub.