Thursday the 16th of July 2009

For Time:

Start with 500 meter row

Three rounds:
Hang Power Clean 135/95, 10 reps
21 push ups
12 pull ups
Overhead Plate Walk 45/25, 100 feet

Finish with 400 meter run

Notes, tools, articles and ephemera:
  • Robb Wolf is starting his own Paleo Food Company.
  • We have made contact with several local and organic farms to set up local pick up. If you are interested in eating locally grown food e-mail or talk to us in person.


adam said...

5k stroller run

DM said...

Last night post class:
Weighted Chin ups 1-1-1-1
32 kg, 32kg+30lbs(to 90 degrees and hold for ten count), 40 kg, 40kg. Working for 100 lb pull and chin.

Frog Hold 60 seconds

WOD as Rx'd

rest 5 minutes

4x100 meter sprints on the minute to finish.

shashyk said...

wHAT happen to the other workout??
hang power clean
sumo deadlift

I was gettingready 4 that one !
Any way this look harder !

DIBO said...

13:something rx

Wesley said...


HPC scaled to 95lbs