Sunday the 31st of May, 2009

Rest Day

Much love and respect to everyone who attended CrossFit Threshold's 1 Year Anniversary party yesterday. CrossFit 305 made a great showing and Dan and Pete had the best times on the day overall. All who competed did great.

Check out this slide show of the workout:



shashyk said...

Iam very, very sad , that i miss that awesome event,cant believe..
Anyway, congratulations to all that compete,
Crossfit305 you rock!

Yamakoa said...

Practiced Cleans.
several sets of 165lbs x 4 reps
PU ladders 8/6/7 = 85
3 rounds 30 GHD SU 25 Hip Back Xtensions

PANOS said...

HPC,HC-random 3's and 5's

CNJ- 165# 5x3

7-5-3 OHP-PP-PJ x 2

GHD/BE WOD: Broken up not for time. All together did 4 rounds.